Friday, May 6, 2011

Box Tops For Education

Did you know……
  • For each box top you clip and save, Banks Elementary earns 10 cents?
  • It may not sound like a lot, but we are proud to report that we earn approximately $1000 each year from students collecting box tops! 
  • Each year we earn enough money to treat the students to an all-school assembly.
  • And, it’s a fun project for your kids to help out with…each year every class holds a fun contest to see who can collect the most box tops…and are awarded with ice cream or popcorn parties.  Check out for additional information and sign-up for coupons, samples and more.
Please remember to cut out each box top "neatly" in the exact size of the box top itself.  This will prevent double-work of our volunteers having to re-cut them before we can submit them for payment. 

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